Client: Audi Bulgaria

The official premiere of the latest electric model of Audi - Q4 e-tron

The e-tron platform is the electric present and future of Audi.
Everybody who is passionate about automobiles and has had the pleasure of driving an electric car has felt the difference. The Q4 e-tron changes not just the feel of driving; perception of the world itself is new and exciting.
As a symbol of the fully electric e-tron we chose light. The core theme in all decorations was the transformation of feel and perception: the usual centre line... but glowing. The familiar trees lining the road... but flooded with light. In the distance, incredible fields of tender poppies, radiating white light.  
Every Q4 e-tron is made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. We therefore integrated the philosophy of sustainability in the event decorations. The 400 glowing white poppies we made by hand of recycled, biodegradable  paper. The light accent in the catering, the glowing dinner plates, we cast from natural resin. All decorations were inspired by driving scenes reinterpreted from a new perspective. 
With Audi Q4 e-tron, driving is no longer what it used to be.
Awards & Recognition: 

Silver Award | FARA 2022 | Craft | Spatial Design
Bronze Award | Lisbon International Advertising Festivals Group 2023 | Craft | Art Direction
Bronze Award | Lisbon International Advertising Festivals Group 2023 | Events | Product Launch

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