Client: New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University is one of the biggest higher education institutions in Bulgaria. In parallel with the curriculum, there is a various selection of free lectures, part of a Mentor Program, complementing the educational process.
To promote the Mentor Program, developed for the Marketing and Advertising Department. The goal of the program is to meet students with active and recognised professionals working in the field.
In a game format each pair of lecturers gives two different solutions to the same problem.
Each poster presents the pair of lecturers as their stylised portraits like the two faces of a playing card.

Silver Award | FARA 2018 | Art Direction 
Silver Award | FARA 2018 | Print Advertising | Indoor Advertising 
Finalist | AD BLACK SEA I International Advertising Festival 2018 | Out of Home Craft | Art Direction 
Finalist | Lisbon International Advertising Festival 2019 | Design | Posters

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